Sunday, December 30, 2007

DJ Bird Flu's "Tell A Friend"

1. Intro
2. Parliament - Mothership connection
3. A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (we got)
4. De La Soul - Stakes is high
5. Brother Ali - Talkin my shit (Bird Flu remix)
6. James Brown - Funky drummer
7. Lords of the Underground - Chief rocka
8. Intermission
9. Viktor Vaughn - Saliva
10. Company Flow - Vital nerve
11. Lauryn Hill - Lost ones (Bird Flu remix)
12. Pharcyde - Passin me by
13. Erykah Badu - Back in the day (puff)
14. Kashmere Stage Band - Ain't no sunshine (J. Rocc remix)
15. Jay-Z - 22 two's
16. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - My world premiere (Sugar Water Purple remix ft. Doctor Impossible)

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