Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tape Player Required Volume 4: "The Philadelphia Mixtape Exchange Volume 17: Nostalgia"

All of this music aside from the Spoon song came from Terrorbird Media. Check them out at

Side A:
1. Spoon - Written in reverse
2. Zaza - Faith in the faithless
3. Casy & Brian - The great owl
4. Cougar - Foil epee sabre
5. Hush Arbors - Coming home
6. Darlings - Teenage girl
7. Polka Dot Dot Dot - Invisibrother
8. The Splinters - Splintered bridge
9. Oh No Ono - Helplessly young
10. Birds & Batteries - The villain

Side B:
1. Brian Glaze & the Night Shift - Bad news
2. Wand - Arriving
3. Cars & Trains - Intimidated by silence
4. Big Spider's Back - Perfect machine
5. VoicesVoices - Flulyk visions
6. Windmill - Big boom
7. Oy - Trolls
8. Themselves - You ain't it


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